That's How It Is

An animated documentary about a day in the life of a 7-year old Israeli girl, who looks at the world around her,
thinks about it, and discusses it with her imaginary friends. The thoughts and conversations are based
on documentary recordings of real children describing the world around them.


  What do we know about the world of children’s thoughts? Sometimes we hear about it from parents
who talk about their children, but rarely do we hear children themselves talking about their thoughts
in any organized fashion. What do children think about old age, divorce, or pregnancy?
What do they know about the army, poverty, the internet, or commercials?
And how do they explain fairy tales, laws, or dreams?
  “That’s How It Is” follows Avigail, an Israeli girl of 7. During her day, she comes across different things,
things she sees in the street or on television, things she overhears in conversations,
or things she reads—and all these things make her think.
For example, on the way to school, she sees soldiers at the bus stop, causing her to ask herself,
“What is the army?”; in the afternoon in the park, an old man sitting on a bench
causes her to ponder the question, “What is old age?; and in the evening,
while watching her mother update her Facebook page on her iPhone,
Avigail begins to wonder about “the internet”.
Avigail has a few friends, mostly imaginary, with whom she discusses these things.
Their conversations represent a wide array of thoughts and insights straight from the mouths of Avigail’s generation.
They are based on documentary recordings of children ages six to ten.
 This is an animated documentary project. The audio is documentary and, as stated above,
based on recordings of real children. The visuals are presented in classical animation,
which illustrates and interprets the children’s words. Avigail’s world is the place where she lives,
that is, present-day Tel Aviv; but the world of her thoughts is a much wilder place with fluid boundaries.
It is a world that draws from her everyday life, but at the same time from fairy tales, movies, stories,
computer games, as well as from what her parents say and what friends tell each other.

  Directors and producers: Yonathan and Masha Zur
Design and Animation: Avi Ofer
Coloring: Boaz Balachsan
Sound design: 
Michael Ababou
City background: Dima Tretyakov

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